29 10 2008

Thanks to Apple for publicly speaking out against California’s Proposition 8!

Below is the statement from the Apple website:

“Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8 and making a donation of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Apple was among the first California companies to offer equal rights and benefits to our employees’ same-sex partners, and we strongly believe that a person’s fundamental rights — including the right to marry — should not be affected by their sexual orientation. Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8.”

Well said!

I guess all the religious extremists and other assorted bigots will be taking back their iPods and iPhones.


Brian’s Halloween Advice

26 10 2008

Can you believe it? This year is really flying by! I mean, can you believe that Friday night is Halloween?

Since this is without a doubt my FAVE holiday, I thought I’d kick off Halloween week with a Public Service Announcement that I made back in 2005.


Ready or not…

26 10 2008

That’s right! After all this time away from my MySpace blogs (and for that matter, from MySpace in general) I decided to open up a blog over here with the rest of the cool kids. You know… peer pressure will do that to you.

I’ve pretty much spent the past several weeks trying to decide what to write, how to make an entrance, and all that jazz. After many vetoed ideas, nothing seemed good enough, so I kept stalling.

And tonight I decided… no more stalling. It’s time to jump in head first and do what I do best – talk (er type) endlessly and get my thoughts out there.

To those of you who know me from MySpace, welcome to the new blog. And to those of you who are brand new to me – buckle up, hang on, and enjoy the ride!

More to come soon…