Sound familiar?

27 10 2008

So we’ve heard all of the reasons why gay marriage should not be legal in America, right?

In fact, have we heard it all before?

Take a few minutes and watch this, and then decide which side of history you wish to stand on.




4 responses

28 10 2008

Wow, people are amazing. We forget how often in the past the close minded minority try to dictate how the rest of the world should live and think. We can only hope that the sane people get out there and have their say on those votes.

29 10 2008

Scary, isn’t it? These are the exact arguments we hear today.

I would have hoped that we as a nation would have evolved since times of such gross intolerance.

29 10 2008

That is a really good video and it does make a person think about things…It would be ridiculous to be as ignorant as they were back then and that is the same thing that is happening now…It is truly very scary…

31 10 2008

Amazing that people can prove time and time again that they are intolerant. It’s good to know that there are more people who prove time and time again that tolerance wins out.

Always learn your history and what was said in the past. I mean come on…Recycling is cool isn’t it?

/sarcasm off

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