Ready or not…

26 10 2008

That’s right! After all this time away from my MySpace blogs (and for that matter, from MySpace in general) I decided to open up a blog over here with the rest of the cool kids. You know… peer pressure will do that to you.

I’ve pretty much spent the past several weeks trying to decide what to write, how to make an entrance, and all that jazz. After many vetoed ideas, nothing seemed good enough, so I kept stalling.

And tonight I decided… no more stalling. It’s time to jump in head first and do what I do best – talk (er type) endlessly and get my thoughts out there.

To those of you who know me from MySpace, welcome to the new blog. And to those of you who are brand new to me – buckle up, hang on, and enjoy the ride!

More to come soon…




4 responses

26 10 2008
cat zen space

Have fun! I intend to enjoy this ride!

26 10 2008

Love it. Love the photo. Love you.

27 10 2008

Too cute, love it! I soooo wish you lived closer…or that I had the guts to move, lol!

27 10 2008

Cool!! I look forward to the ride………

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